About Dance Kabila

Dancing isn’t just about steps and music. It’s the perfect combination of physical exercise, social interaction and mental stimulation which provides strength, flexibility, posture, balance and over all personality development. Keeping this in mind the thought of Dance Kabila was born to be the best Dance Studio. Today Dance Kabila is not only a Dance Studio or an academy but a company as well.

Dance Kabila comprises of VR99 Kabila Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (The Company), The Dance Kabila (The Academy), Libas Kabila (Costume Manufacturing Unit) and the Dance For Cause ( Charity Unit)

VR99 Kabila Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is a service providing company that excels in perfectly displaying the ideas and imagination of their clients in the form of ready performances or suitable choreographies as per the requirement.


Dance Kabila primarily aims to engage, inspire, and motivate the community through high quality dance performances and treasured experience. Our objectives include: To Perform – To demonstrate innovation and artistic excellence in the creation and production of choreographic works. To Collaborate – To develop long-term, collaborative partnerships with artists from multiple disciplines, arts presenters throughout the region, and community organizations interested in using the arts to transform community life through creative works. To Educate – To engage and educate the community in the creative process. To Sustain – To play an integral role in assisting the arts community in building cultural sustainability for the art form of dance in the Greater Baltimore region

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